Learn to speak Tagalog!

There are some recordings of a set of old floppy 45’s I found in a box of records my cousins gave me.


The set is called “Tagalog – World Foreign Language Record Series” put out by something called the World Publishing Company. More Info


Record 1 – Side 1 (1. General Expressions (a) Salutations (b) Visits and Introductions

Record 1 – Side 2 (1. General Expressions (continued) (a) Visits and Introductions (b) Inquiries on the Street (c) Everyday Expressions)

Record 2 – Side 1 (1. General Expressions (continued) (a) Everyday Expressions (continued) 2. Personal Needs (a) Food Shopping)

Record 2 – Side 2 (1.Personal Needs (continued) (a) Food Shopping (continued) (b) At the Amusement Places (c) At the Hotel)

Record 3 – Side 1 (1. Personal Needs (continued) (a) At the Hotel (continued) (b) At the Restaurant 2. Time, Numbers, Colors (a) Days of the Week (b) Months of the Year)

Record 3 – Side 2 (1.Time and numbers (continued) (a) Months of the Year (continued) (b) Seasons and Weather (c) Time)

Record 4 (missing)

Record 5 – Side 1 (1. Transportation (continued) (a) Railway Travel (continued) (b) At the Airport (c) Driving an Automobile (Road Conditions) (d) Driving and Automobile (Directions))

Record 5 – Side 2 (1. Transportation (continued) (a) Driving and Automobile (Directions) (continued) (b) Automobile Maintenance)